If a mother could hold us forever, she would.  If she could take our pains so that we wouldn’t suffer, she would.  If she could carry our burdens for us, she would.  For a mother, the love for her child is a life-long commitment.  It knows no bound, no time, no distance. A mother’s love is endless even if her time is limited.

To testify a mother’s love here’s a heartwarming short film that encapsulates how time never limited a grandmother’s love for her grandson.

It depicts the predicament of a dying grandmother who would have to leave a special-need grandson to fend for himself.porriage 1
She was diagnosed to have brain cancer in the fourth stage. But this grandmom is like no other…she wanted to live so that she could still take care of her grandson.porriage 2

She sought help for her grandson’s sake from a reluctant relative but declined her pursuit.

But because her condition is fatal, she prepared ahead. She then ordered 10,000 bowls of porridge from her employer to continue feeding her boy and so that he would always feel that she is around.

porriage 3

Try not to cry!


The love of a mother is the best tangible example of God’s love.  It sees beyond our imperfections, beyond our short-comings, beyond our capabilities.  A mother (or a grandmother for that matter) would just continue to love despite all odds. Because “Love is putting someone else’s needs before yours” and no one does that better than a mother.

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