Most of us have been into dating and some failed their first date or even their next (LOL.) So we list down some tips (the funny way haha) that might help you cope up with your “Dating Fails.” Here are 15 hilarious things you should know about dating.

1. Who Should You Date

dating_o_289463Be sure to know who should you really date, don’t fall into one just because she’s pretty. There’s lot of aspects to be considered here.

2. Online Dating

9648Sometimes online dating is not a good idea. If you know what i mean. LOL

3. High Standards

ugly dateSome people just won’t date ugly people. However, most ugly people don’t know they’re ugly enough to be undatable. There in lies the conundrum.

4. Perception Is Everything

'Oh boy! My first date with gloria!' Gloria: 'And his last!'He may think it’s the best date in the world. You may be dying for it to be over. Delusion is bliss.

5. Don’t Rush Into Things

rushDon’t rush into making something just to impress your girl, you might regret it in the end.

6. Free Isn’t Always Free

imagesSome guys are so cheap. On the other hand, some girls are so expensive. Neither one is a keeper.

7. Dreaming

dreamingWhat we dream about when we are dating can be entirely different. If men dreamed of gifts and women dreamed of sex, they would be dreaming the same thing.

8. Where Was His Hand Last Night

hand positionNext time you go on a date, this little chart can help you. Where he places his hand can tell you a lot. What you do after that may hurt him.

9. What Happens After the Kiss…

What-Happens-in-Movies-after-the-Big-KissGuess it’s true? LOL

10. Cat People

cat peopleIf she wants to let her cat watch, ask her if your friend can watch, too. If she says yes, now it’s up to you. At least your friend can hold the cat.

11. Dating Stages

dating stagesWhen you first meet, everything is wonderful. Cut to months down the road, and that’s when it’s all hanging out. Literally.

12. Get To The Point

killer relationshipSometimes dating can really feel like you’re being screwed until you feel like you don’t exist. Hopefully you have an eraser on you to forget the whole thing.

13.  Social Media Breakup

social mediaIt used to be in bad taste to break up over the phone. Now it’s acceptable to break up over social media. Have we lowered our standards, or have we all become anti-social?

14. The In Person Break Up

break upSometimes you have to drive a long way to get dumped. At least she did it in person though, right. Screw that, you would rather save the gas, wouldn’t you?

15. End of Relationship

EndofrelationYou might end up like this…

end-of-a-relationship-men-vs-womenor this…

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