If you want to decorate your stairs but have no idea, well you’re reading the right article. Adding some art to your stairs will make it look unusual and of course an eye catcher. Here are 20 creative, innovative, and inspiring ideas for decorating your stairs.  From rainbow-colored stairs to girly pink one, you’ll surely love them all.

1. Polka Dot Stairs

1-PolkaWhile the combination of the pink and polka dots might seem a touch girly, we find it attractive and it’ll give a brighter look to your homes. You can also try this in black and white with pops of brighter colors.

2. Giant Dots

2-DotsIt would definitely take some serious visual planning to pull off this kind of optical illusion, but we’re inspired. This could be one of the best stair decor ideas ever!

3. Song Lyrics

3-SongIf you love music this one is definitely for you. The fonts, the colors, and the lyrics. What’s not to love?

4. Washi Tape

4-WashiWe love how these stairs look as if they’re dripping with patterns. Kinda unique!

5. Blue and White Wallpaper

5-WallpaperThis has a decidedly Scandinavian feel, with the blue and white Danish-style patterns and pop of red polka dots. You could recreate something similar with wallpaper samples or even hack it with color printouts.

6. Chalkboard Stairs

19-ChalkboardHow adorable are these? Just remember to tell your kids that not everyone in the neighborhood has stairs you can write on.

7. Zebra Stairs

20-ZebraMake it wild with animal print paint, decals, or wallpaper.

8. Handpainted Stairs

18-HandpaintedFor a more whimsical approach, channel your inner illustrator to create this inspiring piece.

9. Mice

6-MiceThis look is too cute! We love the idea of doing something similar for basement or attic stairs, where all those creepy crawly critters hang out.

10.  Orange Pop

15-OrangeColor block your home by taking inspiration from this green wall, orange stairs, and blue alcove.

11. Painted Irregular Stripes

7-StripesWe love the sort of wavy irregularity in these stripes – who needs painter’s tape anyway?

12. Pantone Stairs

8-PantoneDecorate your stairs with the colors you love – just make sure you label them correctly!

13. Ombre Stairs

9-OmbreThis aquatic-inspired Ombre design has a totally appealing look. – and that dog is too cute. LOL

14. Bold Patterns

10-PatternsMake it pop with bold colors and stenciled out patterns. We particularly love the color coordination with the table in the back.

15. Floral Wallpaper

11-FloralFloral wallpaper might be a little much for your actual walls (though props to Laura Ashley for rocking our ’90s bedrooms), but we love this use of it to decorate steps.

16. Rainbow Stairs

12-RainbowYou can never go wrong with a rainbow of stairs.

17. White and Wood

13-WhiteHighlight beautiful hardwood stairs by “dipping” the edges in white paint.

18. XOXO

14-xoxoCue up MIA’s XXXO and rock out while recreating this great DIY project.

19.  Teal and Yellow

16-TealA simple color pairing of deep teal and yellow to add a modern playfulness to a typical staircase.

20. Chevron Stairs

17-ChevronThis photo is actually from an Etsy listing of decals you can buy to chevron your stairs! Love these ideas? Share it with your friends!

Via: Brit Co