Mother’s Day, I don’t know if I have the right to ever post this kind of article. Maybe because I know that I’m not a perfect son to my mom. I know I’ve hurt her so many times and I disappointed her in various ways. But there’s one thing I know, I adored her truly! No words can ever explain how much I appreciate everything she has done to me, to my siblings, and to the extended family. I’m not a showy person but if ever I have to say something, that would be….THANK YOU for being my mother and I Love You Very Much!

And if ever there are people out there who can’t find words for their mother in Mother’s Day, here are some poems and quotes to help you express your love to her. If this is not enough, you can search the web for more or you can comment and post your wonderful message to your mother here. I’m sure those messages will surely inspire a lot of people including me!




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