As we all know, creative marriage proposals are all the rage these days. We’ve featured proposals done in public places like a restaurant, school, hotel, in the street, and even on a boat. But the proposal in this story is so different from the rest because it happened at 30,000 feet above the ground.

On Valentine’s Day 2013, an Indonesian couple named Rizky and Yudith boarded a flight together.Rizky and Yudith1

Little did Yudith know that this would be their first flight as an engaged couple. But first Rizky excused himself from Yudith, got out of his seat, and went to the bathroom.

As soon as he was out of sight another male passenger stood up in the aisle and began to sing Glee’s version of “Marry You” to another female passenger.Rizky and Yudith2
The woman then walked towards the man and danced to the song while Yudith unsuspectingly watched the performance in her seat.Rizky and Yudith3
But it wasn’t just a couple’s performance, as more passengers joined the flash mob.Rizky and Yudith4
Suddenly, Rizky reappeared from behind the plane and joined the number. It was only then the unsuspecting girlfriend realized the flash mob was meant for her.Rizky and Yudith5
He approached Yudith and asked her to stand up, then serenaded her with Train’s “Marry Me.”Rizky and Yudith6
Rizky finally proposed and slipped the engagement ring on her finger as it means “YES.”proposal 14
See the romantic proposal here:



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Travelling and getting engaged at the same time is such a great idea! This is another example of a proposal that you can’t refuse. Love is in the air indeed!

H/T: YouTube, Citilink Indonesia