• The moment a four-year-old girl grabs her dad’s smartphone and throw it into the sea for using it too much.
  • Alice, Rapper Timati’s daughter tried to get his attention while he’s busy talking on his phone on a yacht.
  • The young girl gets frustrated and did the unthinkable.

Rapper Timati, 34, and his 4-year-old daughter Alice were spending time on a yacht but the rapper is busy talking on his phone while his daughter is trying to get his attention.

The little gets frustrated at her father for ignoring her and grabbed her dad’s phone and throws it in the sea before he could even react.
The rapper tried to check if you could retrieve the phone and believed to have jumped into the water to try and recover it.
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However, viewers seems to have a divided opinion about the video with some saying that the child is a “spoiled brat” while said he should pay more attention to his daughter.

Another group says it was staged and it’s not the daughter who’s the attention seeker, but the Russian rapper.

But the arguments continue with some quickly viewers blamed the little girl’s parents for not bringing her up to be more respectful.

Petr Zadera said: ‘This child is out of order. Timati is the one to blame for her bringing her up this way. Let him now enjoy the results’.

Pepsi_172018 added: ‘What a hysterical monster.’

On the other hand, apart from his being a successful rapper, Timati is also a businessman with his own clothing line, restaurant and tattoo shop.

Alena Shishkova, 24, is Alice’s mother, glamour model and a runner-up in the Miss Russia 2012 beauty pageant.

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Stage or not the reality bites! Nowadays we spend too much time on our gadgets the we sometime or most of the time we forget the most important thing around us.

Via: Metro