After braving several surgeries, Greg Manteufel, 48, still faces at least 3 more operations. According to the report from Fox6Now, Mr. Manteufel contracted a blood infection after he was licked by a dog.

According to Dawn Manteufel, Greg’s wife, Before all of this, Greg loves riding his Harley. Dawn said He was perfectly healthy, but what they initially thought was the flu landed Greg in the emergency room.

They were shocked to find out that it was life threatening and caused Greg his arms and legs.

A blood tests revealed an infection caused by the bacteria capnocytophaga which came from either a cat or dog.

According to Dr. Silvia Munoz-Price, infectious disease specialist with Froedtert and the Medical College of Wisconsin – “This type of bacteria comes from the saliva of dogs. This infection in his blood triggered a very severe response on his body.”

That response caused Greg’s blood pressure to drop and the circulation in his limbs to decrease rapidly. “Sometimes it decreases so much that the arms and legs just die,” – Dr. Munoz-Price added.

Here are the Capnocytophaga Infections Signs and Symptoms

According to Greg’s Doctor, what happened to him was  just a fluke and 99 percent of people who have dogs or cats will never have this issue.

What happened to Greg was really heart breaking. Reality is, this could happen to anyone. Another sad part is, you’ll probably wont be kissing your fur babies for a long time or until you forget about this article.

To help Greg and his family raise money for his prosthetic limbs, please visit their GoFundMe account.

Source: Fox6Now