Recently, we’ve shared heartbreaking stories of babies being abandoned by their parents. You may remember the newborn buried alive for eight days, the baby who was found being “eaten alive” by ants and the little tot abandoned by her parents after being born with a rare skin condition.

While the rising numbers of abandoned babies are disturbingly alarming, how these babies survived in the most horrible instances is truly remarkable. Here’s another story of miraculous survival of an abandoned baby who was rescued in the Curitiba, capital state of Parana, Brazil.

The baby boy spent 24 hours buried in a muddy tunnel before being rescued by the police.

baby buried in mud 2

One of the neighbors said that Lucinda Ferreira Guimarães, the mother, supposedly left the house in the morning with a big belly, still very pregnant but came back at around 6pm, with a smaller stomach and bloody clothes.

The neighbor thought this was suspicious and looked around the area, but it became too dark so he stopped his search. When he continued his search the following day…

He found the baby’s head by a bush in a muddy tunnel, with many flies surrounding it, and with the placenta still attached to the body!

baby buried in mud 3

Apparently, Lucinda gave birth in the woods mere 300 yards away from her house and buried her child in a muddy armadillo hole.

baby buried in mud 1

The baby appeared to be dead when found by the neighbor. He didn’t move nor make any sound, so the neighbor called the cops.

baby buried in mud 4

The police pulled the baby out of his grave, and lo and behold, he started crying! He turned out to be just sleeping. Everyone was ecstatic for the miracle they witnessed.

baby buried in mud 5

Amazing Survival

Three things helped the baby survive after being buried alive.

First, the rain shower that washed away the dirt in his head, which otherwise could have buried him completely.

Second, the doctors who examined the baby explained that because the umbilical cord had not been cut out, blood loss was prevented and allowed the baby’s survival.

Third, the child still had his mother’s nutrients in his body and didn’t starve.

Lucinda denied being the mother of the child, nor did she admit to burying him. Reports say that she was arrested and sent to prison and the child was given to his biological father. It was not reported where the father was during the pregnancy, which prompted Lucinda to bury the baby.

baby buried in mud 6

It is unthinkable indeed that any mother would bury her own child. But the baby is very fortunate to have survived!

baby buried in mud 7

Watch the video:

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Again we’re reminding all those heartless people this! If you can’t take the responsibility of being a parent, then don’t make one.

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