At first you’ll thought that these art are just simple sketches but wait there’s more! The true art won’t be revealed unless you take a photo of it and add a negative effect. Awesome isn’t it?

Malaysian artist Brian Lai made a remarkably rare arts with only the use of a pencil. I’ve seen lot of brilliant arts before like a 3D drawing made by bare hands, an art using the whole body but this one is absolutely interesting. He perfectly sketched it by hand and transform it into picture perfect images of Wolverine, Batman,Joker and many more, complete with Hugh Jackman’s uncanny likeness. Upon inverting the color you wouldn’t think that these arts are sketches, it’s more like a picture than it seems, truly amazing! Drawing in negative is just a proof of Art’s endless innovation.

Visit his site briartlai

Drawing in negative style
Invert Art – The Wolverine  by Brain Lai
“He have claws and I have pencils” – Brian Lai
Invert Art – Dark Knight by Brian Lai