When you cheat, you should be prepared for the consequences. This couple, however, probably didn’t expect they’ll get caught and so tasted a harsh punishment.

A wife and her lover have been the talk of the town lately. Perhaps the husband heard the rumors and made his move to catch them.

The husband together with his companions forced their way into a hotel room where the wife and her lover were staying.

Making their way through, he immediately attacks his wife’s lover.

After beating the man, he proceeds to his wife who was hiding under the bed sheet.

Then he removes the blanket, revealing his wife’s body and slaps her several times. The furious man loses his cool and continues to hit the woman with his belt.

A hotel staff tried to stop the attack but failed as the angry man is unstoppable from his rage.

Meanwhile, the footage has the internet divided. Some have criticized the man for physically abusing his wife. Some accused that his violent personality could be the reason why his wife cheated on him. On the other hand, others sided with the man. We can’t blame him though.