It is important to keep your valuable stuff in a safe place, a place that is something private. But instead of buying expensive safe and bolts in the market, you can actually hide your stuff strategically around the house where even burglars will not find them. Whether it is jewelry, cash, files or anything important, there are many ways that you can do by yourself to keep them extra safe. To give you some ideas here are 15 DIY secret storage areas in your home that you can use to hide your personal stuff. Most of these ideas are products that you can actually buy in the market and hardware stores.

1. Hidden Bookcase Storage

hidden (1)Via: Reddit

2. Hidden Outlet Safe

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3. Hidden Door Mini Storage

hidden (4.1)Via: Makezine

4. DIY Hollow Book

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5. Secret Storage Sofa

hidden (6)Via: Ana-white

6. Living Room Sofa Storage

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7. Awesome Bed Storage

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8. Wall Art-Like Storage

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9. Painting Secret Box

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10. Hidden Stairway Storage

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11. Bathtub Hidden Storage

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12. Bathroom Tile Storage

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13. Floating Shelf with Secret Storage

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14. Computer Keyboard Storage

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15. DIY Stone Key Storage

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That laptop keyboard storage is totally cool! Gonna try that one later.