After going viral a few years ago, the guy who made an animated Halloween costume that used two iPads to make it look like a gaping hole in his stomach is back! Meet Mark Rober, a former NASA engineer and an ingenious costume designer who created horrifying Halloween costumes that combine classic terrifying costumes with modern smartphone technology. And now he is back with with even more easy but impressive costume ideas.

Mark introduced a new line of Halloween costumes (including tees, masks and morphsuits)  that come to life by using a smartphone running a free app.

holloween-costumes (1)

His free app (which can also be used with home-made costumes) lets you turn your phone’s screen into an element of your costume, like shifty eyes or disgusting maggots.

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Your smartphone will be inserted into a built-in Velcro pockets that will bring the costume’s design to life.

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The masks cost only $45 to $60 with a free accompanying app.

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What an inexpensive way to get yourself an awesome Halloween costume and be the party’s center of attraction.

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Packed with brilliant animated features like creepy roaming eyeballs, beating heart and brains, cyborg upgrades, or even an aquarium drowning effects. This is a perfect get-up for all ages.

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Check it out!


Source: via  Gizmodo

That naked morphsuit is totally cool!