When we were kids we love digging in the sand and making castles. Don’t you? Creating those sand masterpieces is one of the best memory in the beach.

But those masterpieces that we created during our childhood were incomparable to what these talented couples do. British Globetrotter Paul Hoggard and his Dutch wife Rem have created something “sandtastic” on beaches around the world that will amaze you once you saw it.

49-year-old Paul and Remy – 43, have been sculpting since 1991 and 1999 respectively and both have competed professionally.

sand 2

The couple traveled around the world to create spectacular sand art using only wet sand (and in extreme cases wood supports), a lot of patience and hard work.

sand 1

What’s more surprising is that they are creating gigantic masterpieces with intricate details. Because of the huge size of their sculptures, it took them a couple of days, even weeks to complete.

sand 4

Most often their subjects are animals, cities, and uplifting pieces. But sometimes their theme are dark matters like the “elephant graveyard” whom according to them, was their most complicated piece.

sand 3

Though not all of their work is uplifting, they can all be incredibly moving.

sand 6

The talented couple travels the globe making their impressive constructions for festivals, competitions, and advertising campaigns.

sand 7

‘We love our work – we get to create huge sculptures out of sand and water together, travel, meet new people and experience other cultures’ Paul said.

sand 9

Their sculptures are stunningly creative though it wouldn’t last that long.

sand 10

sand 5

One of their masterpiece:  The biblical story of David and Goliath.

sand 11

Taking nine days for Remy to complete alone, as part of the sand sculpture festival in Aarhus, Denmark.

sand 12

These amazing sand sculptures are labors of love and hard work. Let us support them and share their awesome masterpieces.

Via Daily Mail