We all wanted to have a romantic marriage proposal and we’ve seen a lot in movies and social media sites. Some use extravagant cars, dancing, singing, flashmob, flying and underwater proposal and a lot more. But when I saw this video I can’t help it but say “WOW” and it leaves me with teary eyes in the end.

You wouldn’t see something extravagant in this proposal, just pure simplicity, dedication, and tons of effort! This video will show you that even a simple whiteboard can be used as a meaningful tool if only love and effort is put into.

Dean and Jennifer 4
Photo: The Knot

Meet Dean, a devoted and dedicated boyfriend who recently proposed to one of the luckiest girls in the world “Jennifer.” Dean and Jennifer met through the online site Okcupid.com in 2013 and later feel in love. After 8 months of being a couple, Dean realized how special Jennifer was to him, knowing he couldn’t live without her. But Dean knew that the timing was too soon for a proposal during that time.

Dean and Jennifer
Photo: The Knot

On Jennifer’s 25th birthday last 2014, Dean made a resolve to ask Jennifer to be his wife in exactly one year on her 26th birthday. However, Dean wanted to use his creativity to show Jennifer his devotion and make a thoughtful proposal. After returning from Jennifer’s birthday party, Dean started planning and making a video proposal. Every day for the entire year, Dean recorded a short message of the proposal with the date, set to music, counting down to the big day.

Dean and Jennifer 2
Photo: The Knot

Jennifer didn’t have any idea that his boyfriend has been proposing to her for 365 days. Finally, during a family trip to Aruba, Dean fulfilled his resolve and made the most romantic proposal ever!

Dean and Jennifer 5
Photo: The Knot
Dean proposed to Jennifer in Aruba on her birthday last January 8, 2015. Watch the heart melting video below.

Just imagine the effort Dean has made to his proposal. This only shows that sometimes it’s not about the material things that count but the effort and love. Please do share this touching video to your love ones.

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