Have you ever picked your nose? Whether you admit it or not, I guess most of us have probably picked our nose at one point or another. Who wouldn’t?

Seriously, we pick our nose to remove the unwanted stuff that irritates our nostrils and if you got colds, it’s inevitable to clean your nose from dried mucus that could block your airway, also it’s definitely nasty to have a visible booger because of it.

But there is a man, who probably didn’t pick his nose for a long time or maybe he just couldn’t take the unwanted thing out and just gave up.

booger 1

He had no choice but to seek the doctor’s help, and when the doctor pulled out that nasty thing out of his nose…OMG!

booger 2

This is probably the biggest booger ever removed from a man’s nose. Ewww!

booger 3

Watch the video below:

What the doctor pulled out of this man’s nostril is absolutely disgusting! I can’t believe something that big can amass inside our nose. So better pick your nose regularly to prevent such kind of price. LOL!