Do you remember the guy with the biggest booger ever? I think everyone freaked out and wondered how the hell it gets that big.

Well, he’s not alone as a video of a man with a huge lump of ear wax being pulled out from his ear had gone viral recently, with over 2.7 million views as of writing.

This guy complained of an earache so they get tweezers and tried to pull out that thing blocking his ear.

Yeah, it’s an earwax that causes the pain, but this is one huge lump of earwax I guess!

ear wax 2

And it took several attempts for the woman who helps him tug out the disgusting ear wax. Each time she tries, she fails.

ear wax 3

Until the tweezers get a good grip on the fourth try…

ear wax 4

She pulled the impacted earwax freely but was horrified by its massive size, leaving the people inside the room screaming in disgust.

ear wax 5Earwax serves as a protection in our ears from dust and other foreign elements. But too much earwax may cause major problems like unbearable pain and worst, deafness. Occasional cleaning is needed to prevent pilling up of mix earwax and dirt.

There are treatments for excessive earwax like prescribed earwax drops or irrigation. In my experience with an EENT doctors, air is blown inside and it’s not a good feeling.

Watch the stomach-churning video below:

Since the video appeared online, it garnered different kinds of comments with some saying, “Why does everyone start screaming?! This poor bugger’s just got the hearing back in his ear, and everyone’s trying to deafen him.” YouTube user Victoria C (Life of Vi).

Others share their sentiments of relief and hearing again. While some are charmed to watch the removal of the biggest ear lump ever. WiseauIsLife says: “That was freaky yet oddly satisfying at the same time.”

On the other hand, Reddit user EnigmaNL questioned: “How does this even happen? Did nobody ever clean his ears since he was born?”

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Honestly, these things can be avoided through simple personal hygiene. Always remember “Health is wealth.”

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