We know how powerful our brains can be. However, science can’t unveil the mystery behind it until now. We’ve been seeing mind control in a lot of movies, taking away the free will. But would you believe it is possible?

It’s true you can control others, like moving their arms as you move yours.  But to make this possible you need a device that was invented by Greg Gage and his company Backyard Brains.

Greg Gage, a neuroscientist, has developed a DIY neuroscience kit that can be connected between humans. The kit can make one person’s brain control the movements of another.
In his live presentation in TedTalk, Gage shows how it works by having a two volunteers, Sam and Miguel.
sam and miguel
Gage hooks up Sam’s arm with electrodes first. The electrodes will collect and read signals from some of the 80 billion neurons inside Sam’s brain that get sent to her arm when her mind signals movement.
And when all the needed data are collected, Gage now hooks up Miguel with connecting electrodes. These electrodes will be the key to control Miguel’s arm.
Gage explains to Miguel, “And so, in a sense, she will take away your free will and you will no longer have any control over this hand, okay? You with me?”
Greg_Gage_How_to_control_someone_else_s_arm_with_your_brain 1
By stimulating a nerve in Sam’s arm, the kit copies her brain signals to her own hand, and transmit the information to Miguel’s arm. Creepy as it may seem, Sam’s brain will control both her arm movement and Miguel’s!
Greg_Gage_How_to_control_someone_else_s_arm_with_your_brain 2

“When you lose your free will and someone else becomes your agent, it does feel a bit strange,” Gage adds.

Watch the brain power video:

This video is absolutely amazing, I won’t wonder if one day humans will be controlling other humans. — H/T: A Plus