A brokenhearted Russian snake expert live streams his final moments after letting his deadly pet black mamba bite him on purpose.

Apparently, 31-year-old Arslan Valeev, a video blogger from St. Petersburg, can’t get over the breakup of his marriage and allegedly decided to end his life.

In the footage, Arslan Valeev pleaded with viewers to call his ex-wife as he visibly deteriorated on camera.

The actual moment of the bite itself was not shown, but the former zoo employee showed his bitten finger to the camera during the broadcast.

In the heartbreaking live stream, Valeev said: “Hi… So, guys… (sighs). It’s time to do what I must do. Live stream [unintelligible].”

Later on, he got up and went off camera, but a muffled sound of ‘ouch’ can be heard as the deadly snake bit him.

He then returned telling his viewers: “If I die, then I die. I just will stay with you for some time. Just in case – on my mobile, there is a message for Katya….”

His breathing quickens, and his eyes started rolling.

Being an expert snake handler he already realized the gravity of the situation and left his final message.

He said, “Pass on to Katya that I loved her very much.” while showing his bitten finger.
His wife Ekaterina

He then read out his ex-wife’s mobile number. “This is Katya’s number, if someone manages to call her, if she has time to come to me and see me, I would be happy. In fact, I’m already dying. Farewell. I would be glad to see Katya. Damn, I’m shaking.”

At the end of the footage, he got up and moved away from the camera, possibly towards a bathroom. He died soon afterwards.

Watch the footage:

According to reports, one viewer called an ambulance which rushed him to a hospital, but medics were unable to save him.

It was also claimed that he had stumbled into the street seeking help.

Valeev was a snake expert and former zoo employee who ran a YouTube channel with his wife Ekaterina ‘Katya’ Pyatyzhkina.

The couple owned several reptiles as well as bobcats.

They were famous in Russia for running several YouTube channels about snakes and exotic animals, with hundreds of thousands of followers.

Valeev and Pyatyzhkina on their wedding day.

However, the couple split when Valeev assaulted Katya after accusing her of cheating. Katya filed a divorce for domestic violence and had since moved on to a new relationship.

The poor man publicly apologized and repented for his behavior but their relationship was not saved.

However, Arslan’s friend posted online claiming that the snake expert – who was handling deadly snakes for about 20 years – didn’t want to commit suicide but was accidentally bitten.

“Turning on the camera, as normal, he went to get a snake out of the terrarium to move it into a plastic container used for broadcasts. In the process of doing this, the snake bit him.

Being an expert in keeping poisonous snakes with 20 years experience, Arslan was aware of what would happen.

He left a message to his wife Ekaterina and asked viewers who turned out to be eyewitnesses to get in touch with Katya, because his limbs began to get numb quickly, depriving him of the opportunity to call help himself. Then he went out into the street, waiting for the arrival of help.”

In a previous video, Mr. Valeev had spoken about his heartbreak.

“I cannot describe in words the extent of my disappointment with myself. I cannot describe the shock that I experience every day when I wake up in this new world without someone I have lost and deserved to lose, who I was with a couple of seconds ago in a dream. If it makes you feel better, it hurts and I’m lonely. I know what to do, I’ve heard a lot of advice, but the feeling of emptiness and a broken life can only pass with time. Miracles do not happen, we do not live in a fairy tale.”

Stories like this are truly saddening, just prove that love can really make us do stupid things. Rest in peace buddy.