This is cool! This island called “Just Enough Room” is one of The Thousand Islands located in Canada-US border in the Saint Lawrence River up to the northeast corner of Lake Ontario. The Thousand Islands is an archipelago with 1,864 islands to boast. The “Just Enough Room” is the tiniest island with a single house and one living tree. ‘Wolfe Island” is known to be the largest island which stretches from 29 km long to 9 km wide with a population of approximately 14,000. And it’s good to know that large part of these islands are inhabited most of them with hydroelectric power and telephone services.

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An undated picture of Just Room Enough Island. Photo credit:


The Just Room Enough Island. Photo credit

thousand-islands-36Another View of Just Room Enough Island.Photo credit

thousand-islands-22Boldt Castle, located on Heart Island in the Thousand Islands. Photo credit

thousand-islands-42Photo credit

thousand-islands-62Photo credit

thousand-islands-72Photo credit

thousand-islands-85Photo credit

thousand-islands-95Photo credit

thousand-islands-105Photo credit

thousand-islands-116Aerial view showing some of the many islands of the Thousand Islands. Photo credit

thousand-islands-145Photo credit

thousand-islands-162Photo credit: Ian Coristine

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