Everyone is dreaming of a perfect wedding. We prepare a lot for that day, a perfect ceremony, great reception and of course the best clothes. Who would not want to look best on that special day? However getting married cost a lot money and effort, specially the bride’s wedding dress. An elegant wedding dress may cost $3,000 upwards, but would you believe that you can have a fabulous one for only $10? Well a brilliant designer made that possible, a cheap yet so beautiful wedding dress.

An incredibly talented artist specializes in making the coolest and geekiest stuff decided to make her own wedding dress.


The outcome was stunning.  Imagine wearing such beautiful dress for only $10, that was pretty cheap!


There’s a secret behind this beautiful gown though it is unnoticeable, unless you take a closer look.


It is actually entirely made of  toilet paper, glue and tape.


And the gold accent was just gold tape. What an incredible design!


This is 11 rolls of awesomeness.

wedding dress

What this avant geek did was truly amazing. 11 rolls of toilet paper were used to complete her dress and the rest is a product of resourcefulness and creativity. Who would thought that out of toilet papers an exquisite wedding dress can be made? Share this awesome stuff and inspire others.

source: reddit