With today’s society, cheating has become so common. Somehow infidelity never had a happy ending and we’ve witnessed a lot of it on the internet. Angry wives brutally attacking mistresses, on the other hand, husbands beating paramours. Yes, most illicit relationships ended in revenge. However, there’s a peculiarly interesting scenario in China that it’s the cheating wife who has the nerve to get angry at her husband for busting her and her lover.

This cheating wife video was taken by a friend of her husband who long suspected her of having an affair with another man. So the husband and his friends followed his wife to the love motel where the deceitful couple checks in.

They burst into the room and caught the wife red-handed wearing only her undershirt and panties.

wife cheating1

Furious, the husband rushes in and attacks the guy, but she immediately defends her lover.

wife cheating2

Though busted, she was enraged at her husband and his friends for the invasion of privacy and loudly shouts, demanding they leave the room.

wife cheating3

Watch the video:

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If you get caught, at least say sorry for your mistakes. But this woman is different, glad that she’s busted and I do hope that the husband will dump her.