Men have different ways to propose hiding in their sleeves, there’s the flash mob, the daredevil stunt, the sticky notes proposal, and a lot more. But have you ever seen a guy propose using fruits? One Chinese guy decided to pop out the question in public with his girlfriend’s favorite fruit – lychees. Sadly, things didn’t quite go as planned as it ended with a “NO!”.

24-year-old Dong thought he’d finally put the ring on his girlfriend of 3 years when he went about asking for marriage on a busy street in Xi’an, China.

The young man spent 2,000 yuan worth of lychees, then carefully sculpted the fruits into two hearts entwined with Cupid’s arrow, along with the word “Love”.

man rejected proposal 2

When his 23-year-old girlfriend arrived, he knelt down and said: “My dearest, I don’t have a house, a car or lot of money, but I have true love for you. I can use it to provide you with happiness. Will you marry me?”

man rejected proposal 1

But his lady was not impressed, she just picked up a lychee to eat and said “No you are so naive”, then fled the scene.

man rejected proposal 5

Though rejected, Dong remains optimistic as he says “My heart is bitter but I will get her back. We are meant to be together.”

man rejected proposal 4

He also told local media the reason behind his woman’s refusal, simply because they are too young to tie the knot.

man rejected proposal 3

In spite of being turned down, I commend this man for trying to propose in a unique way, but it might be wise for him to do it in private wherein public humiliation has a lower risk. Better luck next time.

H/T: Muchies, Mirror | Images via QQ