Inexplorata, a Reddit user, dream of making a Volkswagen Bus type 2 bed but in a cheaper way. He wanted this bed as a gift for her daughter’s birthday who’s turning 3 years old. He also said that “He wanted something for her that she could use and enjoy. “

After browsing in Craigslist, he finally finds the things he needed for his Volkswagen bed for his growing little girl, and it only took him $100 to build her girl’s VW Bus Bed.

The project bed! Looks like an old-school VW Bus on the driveway.


He got this pile of old Super Beetle parts on Craigslists for free.


He bought this twin bunk bed for $25 on Craigslist which would be the frame of the Volkswagen Bus bed.


He dremeled out some 4×4 posts to fit the legs of the metal framed bunk bed, it needed to be taller.


He wanted a cheaper way to do it that would leave him with some options, in case her daughter doesn’t like it.


To keep the cost down he’s using a lot of things from his garage, paint, screws, scrap wood and bought other stuff about worth $100.


Now it’s starting to look something like the Volkswagen Bus.


The wheels are pre-cut circles bought at the store, but the hub cap gives a vintage look.


The top “rack” is spray painted with silver, the wood is spray painted with coat of primer, then hand painted for the two-tone look.


VW emblem was ordered online on silver sticker stock and he painted a circle behind it and put it on carefully.


Finally the bed-bus came to life! With functioning headlights, dashboard buttons and sound effects!


This is how the interior looks like. The fabric squares were put on by his wife with spray adhesive.


His project is a success! She still sleeps in here even though she’s turning six soon.


Image credit: Inexplorata

Via: Diply

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