A bizarre and creepy moment happened to a shopkeeper when a “possessed” cup of ramen abruptly shoots into the air from the store counter.

  • Possessed cup noodles suddenly flies into the air and upside down on the counter.
  • The stunned shopkeeper jumps up and looks around left bewildered
  • The cause of the spontaneous launch has been dividing opinion on social media.
The footage showed the shopkeeper placing a cup of instant ramen on the shop counter.
Suddenly, the container launches into the air.
The shopkeeper left shocked before the cup ramen landied upside down on the counter.
Confused and startled the worker then jumps up and looks around in absolute bewilderment.
Watch the video

The exploding cup of ramen has been labelled “paranormal” and had amassed over a million views online but the cause of the spontaneous launch gained divided opinions on social media.

Some believe it was ‘paranormal activity’ – even claiming the man may have been pranked by a ‘ghostly spirit.’

One viewer, ‘Liukuai Fujide Feizai’ said: “This is paranormal activity caught on camera.”

While other thinks that the jump may have been caused by the worker placing the hot bowl on top of a cigarette lighter, which exploded as a result of the heat.

However, based on the video, the bowl seems sitting flat on the counter unlike if there’s a cigarette lighter underneath the cup it would probably be uneven.

So, what do you think?

Via: Mirror