It’s already nerve-racking watching window cleaners do their job on a high-rise building but to see a woman dancing while hanging on a rope is absolutely outrageous!

  • Woman hanging on a rope danced at the 17th floor of a high-rise building in Dallas
  • The lady in burgundy executed beautiful contemporary moves.
  • Employees were treated with extraordinary show
A woman was seen suspended on a line outside the window of the 17th floor of a tall Dallas building and executed beautiful contemporary moves.
Employees and other witnesses saw her spun around, flipped, and floated from left to right in this unexpected, breath-taking scene.
One employee made sure the extraordinary show is recorded and said:
“I work for a company called Oak Branch Advisors and we’re located in the KPMG building in Downtown Dallas. It was still fairly early in the morning and I was having a friendly chat with a co-worker and that’s when I saw a lady drop down on a rope outside the window. The thing that amazed me the most was the fact that we’re 17 floors up. Well, I whipped out my phone and simply started recording.”

The people watching were amazed by her performance and after the stunt, the lady in burgundy went near the window then look inside and wave at her audience.

Watch the video

The sky high dance video got attention of the netizens with some hilarious comments:

“like when people say verbally “wow, THIS is funny””

“Yep, we’re in the “end times.”‘

“Sounds about white!”

Via: Feedytv