There are companies who don’t care if you work until late at night for as long as your job is done. Some will insist that you stayed late for other job beyond your job description (that’s quite unfair). And there are some who work overtime for money and positions.

Work-Life Balance suffers because of overworking and you lose so much time for your family and yourself. But the Amsterdam based office Heldergroen thinks the opposite, they encourage employees to live their lives outside of work. Maybe you’re wondering how they will do that… simple, when the clock turns 6PM the office disappears. How? “The desks are attached to industrial strength steel cables that allow it to retract into the ceiling. During the day, the tables rest on wheeled cabinets. With all the office furniture on wheels and the desks hanging from cables, everything is moveable and easily hidden once the clock strikes six. While most spaces might be designed to make staying late at work more comfortable, Heldergroen’s office makes it clear that work time is over”

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bottom_3The innovative work space was designed by Zecc Architects, who have found a way to make the most use out of the area. With desks and office equipment out of the way, the space serves multiple functions at just about all times throughout the week, not just during weekday work hours.


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