Remember the girl with the worst head lice infestation? I think her throne has just been replaced, but this time it isn’t a young child but a grown man and it was caught on cam. This stomach-churning video of a guy with thousands of nits nesting in his head went viral online after it was uploaded by ‘rdsmo lice’ on YouTube and has been watched 1.2 million times since September 8.

The disgusting footage shows countless lice nestled in the man’s scalp.


It can be clearly seen that there’s almost no room for every single strand of hair as the creepy parasites flooded his head.


This could be the most extreme case of head lice infestation ever recorded on tape.


Warning: This video will definitely leave your skin crawling!

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Okay, my head is already itching. I guess this man needs to shave his head right away. Personal hygiene is important but sometimes it’s not enough to protect us from such kind of infestation. –H/T: Mirror