We are living in a world with endless possibilities, and one of the things the lingers in our heads is “are we not alone in this universe?” For now, we don’t know what truly the answer is, but in this massive universe, there is always a possibility that we are not…

Alien sightings have been a major controversy since then, but no evidence has proven their existence. In May 2007, a strange creature was found on a ranch in Metepec, Mexico that shocked the whole world. Is it an alien? Or is it not?

The story goes when a ranch hand named Urso Ruíz who regularly used to set up traps to feed the owners birds and snakes found a small alien-like creature caught in a rat trap.

Baby Alien Found in Mexico 3

Four people who worked on the ranch including the owner claimed to have seen the creature alive in the trap.

Baby Alien Found in Mexico 7

The bizarre creature looks like a human with a tail and in the size of a mouse.
Baby Alien Found in Mexico 1
Photo: rumorskiller

Out of fear that it might escape they decided to kill it, drenching the strange creature in an acid that instantly killed and mummified it in a horrendous phase.

What made it more shocking is when the ranch owner died in a car fire shortly after the story became public.

Many believed it was caused by aliens seeking revenge.
Baby Alien Found in Mexico 2
Photo: tvblogs.nationalgeographic
Since it’s discovery in 2007 the mystified creature became a subject of worldwide controversy.

Baby Alien Found in Mexico 4

Scientists were mystified and curious about the creature, so they run a serious test to determine what kind of creature is it.

Baby Alien Found in Mexico 5

The test shows that the being is not known to exist on Earth, its body has characteristics of both lizards and humans. Still, scientist had a hard time determining what and where this creature came from.

Baby Alien Found in Mexico 6

Watch this video:

Apparently, when UK’s Channel 4 further investigated the creature it appeared to be just a hoax.

Baby Alien Found in Mexico 9

In December 2012, using 3D mapping and advanced DNA testing it was confirmed that the “baby alien” was, in fact, a Marmoset monkey.

marmoset monkey

It’s now a big question why the earlier DNA test didn’t identify the creature or is it just the DNA test done by Channel 4 is highly advance. Or maybe, the earlier purported DNA tests never happened at all. Some have said that the mummified the monkey may have degraded the DNA to the point that only advanced testing could identify it.

In further investigation, Urso Ruiz, the man who claimed he first saw the creature was put to a lie detector test. He “admitted to making the creature from a dead Buffy Tufted Marmoset monkey that was sent to the zoo where he worked. Ruiz placed the creature on the rat trap and told the farmer he had seen it alive.”

Watch the excerpt of the Science Channel report below, in which Ruiz admits of creating the creature.

There are such people who will make this kind of fraud just to get attention because they know people crave for stories like this “baby alien”. The thing is, don’t just easily believe everything on the internet, likewise in the news.  Some of them were just plain hoax.

Although the truth behind this mysterious has been debunked, the video continues to circulate. But it’s up to you whether you will believe it or not.

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