• Tyhoon Mangkhut a Category 5 hurricane batters the Philippines, Hong Kong and other neighboring countries.
  • Father and son literally swept off their feet by the extreme force of the storm.
  • American reporters accused of exaggerating hurricane reports.

Recently, a video of reporters went viral for their “exaggeration acts” while reporting, then a footage of father and son being blown away off their feet and into a concrete wall has emerge as Typhoon Mangkhut batters Hong Kong makes you feel ashamed of the reporters.

Over the weekend, Typhoon Mangkhut a Category 5 hurricane has battered the Philippines leaving causalities, properties and agricultural destructions before reaching neighboring countries.

Unfortunately, the extreme force of the storm was face head on by a father and son in Hong Kong they were swept off their feet and into a concrete wall.

Both of them are left curled up at the base of the wall as they try to stand again as rain and wind pounds them.

Amazingly, the pair was able to get on to their feet and seems to be uninjured and were able to move away to safety.

Sadly, no one dares to help the father and son as they bravely face the strong winds and rains.

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The dramatic video is one of the many that shows the full power of Mangkhut and unlike the reporters who went viral and being accused of “faking” while reporting the damages caused by Hurricane Florence.

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Via: Metro