Getting a tattoo is a tough decision – and finding a design you like is much harder. You don’t want to regret something that is permanent and end up having a FAIL tattoo. But would you risk your precious skin to an artist who would create it directly on your skin? Without any sketches – on the spot! I doubt you wouldn’t …

But people are now flocking to a tattoo artist who inks from his imagination on the spot – no sketchpad in sight. Meet Jay Freestyle, a talented Amsterdam based tattoo artist, who creates his art directly onto his clients’ skin without any previous sketches. and the result? WOW! A stunning, soulful artworks, which last forever on the skin.

“Give me a piece of your skin and I’ll give you a piece of my soul.” Jays motto says it all.


Jay is an extraordinarily talented artist who grew up in a conservative Chinese family in Johannesburg and emigrated to Amsterdam.


Inspired by traditional painting techniques such as watercolour and liquid ink, he brings in modern and graphic elements.


The 29-year-old South African tattoo artist makes his designs up as he goes along while he is working on his clients.


Each tattoo he comes up with is a unique illustration from his imagination.


‘I prefer to combine various styles, such as geometrical shapes and pointillism, while at the same time mixing realism with abstract,’ Jay says.


He’s building on his trademark of using simple imagery and bringing it to life through an avant-garde style.


But not everyone wants Jay’s style, ‘Usually from the first couple of minutes of talking to someone, I can see if they want ‘my style’ or if they want me to do something realistic or traditional. he said.



Normally when he’s abroad people ask much more for Jay’s own style.



Jay is now narrowing down his focus and developing a more graphical style and feel to his work.



He exposes himself to the influence from top artists from around the world.



Jay is always eager to learn something new, he emerged as a broadly skilled tattooist.


Visit his Facebook Page and Website for more of his amazing works. 

Via Daily Mail