We all know that trampoline jumping is not as easy as we think, it needs a lot of courage and of course skills, such as the ability to keep your muscles loose, especially if you’re trying a stunt in mid-air. However, this girl had too much muscle loose while doing a backflip on a trampoline, and ended up pissing in mid-air.

This girl happily jumps on a trampoline while being recorded on cam.trampoline 1
She’s quite a skilled jumper as she did an awesome backflip.trampoline 2
However, things start to get ugly at this point…trampoline 3
After doing the stunt, she accidentally pisses off while in mid-air!trampoline 4
See that string of piss flying out?trampoline 5
She tried desperately to cover it, but it was too late.trampoline 6

Watch her pissing back flip:


No matter how great your skills are, if you ignore the call of nature..one way or another it’ll get back at you in a humiliating manner. LOL! — Via: Wittyfeed