It seems like nowadays, more and more men and women are having a hard time being faithful to their significant others. Before men are often called pigs for not being contented with one partner but as time passed by, women also learned that if men can do it so as they. Sadly, there are some women who did the “cheating” thing but end up busted, just like this woman who receive the greatest birthday gift in her life.

Footage of a boyfriend who decided to take revenge on his cheating girlfriend in a unique way has gone viral recently. After learning that his girlfriend had been cheating on him, he thinks of a plan to get even with her. Simply by giving her a fake birthday surprise!

In the video, the guy blindfolded his girlfriend and led her into the house, he insists she keeps her eyes closed as he sings Happy Birthday.cheating gf 3
But when she finally unfolds his boyfriend’s surprise, she saw her things packed up and ready to go.cheating gf 7

Stunned and puzzled she looks at him for an explanation…the guy then told she’s busted as he had caught her cheating on him.


What happened next to this estranged couple is unknown. But one thing is definitely sure, this is a birthday surprise she’ll never forget for the rest of her life. To all couples out there, married or not, may this story be a lesson not to cheat on your partners, as karma is just one step away.

Via: Mirror