This is the moment when a bully pulls a disabled man out of his wheelchair, upsetting as it may seem but you should be thanking this guy. Here’s why…

In the video, the man who appears to have both legs amputated at the knee, can be seen sitting in a wheel chair when the bully suddenly approaches him.bogus amputated man 1
The bully then forces him out of the wheelchair, leaving him helplessly stuck on the ground.bogus amputated man 2

At this point you might be sympathizing the disabled man, but you shouldn’t be. After exchanging some words, the seemingly innocent PWD removes the blanket covering his thighs, revealing his two fully-functional legs as he stands up.

Apparently, this guy is just a fake who disguised as a handicapped, probably to beg money.bogus amputated man 3

Watch his trickery exposed:


Honestly, when I saw this video I was furious at first, but when I found out the truth, okay, this guy just did what he has to do. Pretending to be a disabled and taking advantage is absolutely unforgivable. This is why nowadays, many people are hesitant to help the needy anymore.

H/T: Mirror