There are a lot of reason why an individual becomes a criminal or serial killers but Pedro Rodrigues Filho is considered the perfect psychopath.

  • He is a serial killer who killed other criminals and murdered 70 of them.
  • Pedro Rodrigues Filho experienced abuse inside his mother’s womb by his father’s repeated beatings while his mom is pregnant.
  • He killed his father in prison and ate his heart after the latter butchered his mother with machete.
  • Now free, Pedro vows to kill other Brazilian criminals
Pedro Rodrigues Filho is a Brazilian serial killer who has made a name for himself by killing off other serial killers.

According to specialists who looked into Filho’s case, their assessment referred to him as the perfect psychopath.

Apparently before he was born, he already experienced abuse inside his mother’s womb by his father’s repeated beatings while his mother is pregnant.

The cruelty left Pedro with a damaged skull before he was even born and by the age of 14, Pedro had his first taste of blood bath when his father was fired from his job by the vice mayor for stealing food.

Pedro took matters into his own hands and killed him then he learned who’s the real thief and decided to track him down and murder him as well.

Despite living on the run at a young age, he was still lucky to find love through Maria Aparecida Olympia but the bliss didn’t last long.

Maria Aparecida Olympia was killed by gang members before he was 18, and as his 18th birthday arrived, Pedro had already murdered ten people and spent his teenage years seeking vengeance against those who took his love away from him.

One of his gruesome act happened after his father brutally butchered his mother with a machete, Pedro his father in the prison stabbing him to death then removed his father’s heart and began to chew on it.


Then he killed the rapist that was being transported with him to prison, since then, 47 other inmates died at his hands while he was in a Brazilian prison.

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Pedro already served his 30 years in prison and the can no longer hold him in jail. And in 2007, he was released he is believed to be responsible for untold amounts of bloodshed.

And as soon as he was released, Pedro vowed to kill other Brazilian criminals who will have the unfortunate fate to cross his path.

On the other hand, because he is a serial killer who killed other criminals, Pedro is considered one of the “nicer” serial killers. But still, who knows what’s going on his mind…

Via: Viralnova