Censorship is used to hide offensive and unethical things man has made and we often see it in rude videos and photos. When something is being censored we automatically think it is something boorish just like what happened to these following photos. These 16 photos are just normal one but censorship made it look worse. LOL


1. The most brutal technique ever!

censored (4)

2. Just sit back, relax and enjoy.

censored (2)

3. OMG! That’s not fair!!

censored (3)

4. That’s a really HARD foul …

censored (1)

5. That reaction though …

censored (6)

6. Censorship just made it rude.

censored (3)

7. What was he even doing?

censored (2)

8. That look says it all lol!

censored (4)

9. Mash em up taters boys!

censored (5)

10. We’ll this is just a normal family game. Is it?

censored (9)

11. Seems like the dog is enjoying it …

censored (5)

12. And the fastest wins …

censored (7)

13. Lick it baby. Lick it!

censored (8)

14. That squirted quickly haha!


via Rebel Circus

Now you have proven the power of censorship, even normal photos would really look like something else with it. But don’t forget that it’s also your despicable mind that made you think it was something indecent. LOL