Can you guess what‘s this guy doing?marty 2

Believe it or not he’s not just taking pictures of the food. He’s doing art and having fun with it! Here’s the finish product.

marty 4

Meet Marty Cooper a storyboard artist and scribbler, he uses sharpness and white out to draw some cute critters and funny looking monsters on transparent film. This enables him to pose and photograph them while inserting them in the real world. As he superimposed his drawings into the environment around him, it creates a scene that looks like the cartoon show we use to watch. It’s amazing how he merge his art into the real world and make some ridiculous sequences that will surely give you a laugh!

Check more of his work herei3yuotj22hgxzujpbynd The king seagull mounts his noble stead.

tumblr_n2dwpnUVni1swf46do1_1280 Gas Guzzler

tumblr_n2aa0t04tl1swf46do1_1280 Sump 10 is feeling bad about ‘sumpten’. 

tumblr_n2fpwizbfe1swf46do1_1280 The great eggscape. Run little eggies!

tumblr_n2hls8Fxnc1swf46do1_1280 Found this happy little guy in the cheese isle!

tumblr_n2larmsYGG1swf46do1_1280  Ms Elephant needs a bra.

tumblr_n2d3bjHYOJ1qzfsnio1_1280 Ms. Mosquito prepares for a long day of bloodsucking with her morning cup of coffee.

tumblr_n2d3bjHYOJ1qzfsnio2_1280 This giant polar bear frightened the citizens of San Francisco, but all he really wanted was a good back rub.

tumblr_n2d3bjHYOJ1qzfsnio6_1280 Rescue mission.

tumblr_n2d3bjHYOJ1qzfsnio7_1280 The massive Freeway Iguana lumbers onto northbound 101 and nabs an SUV.

tumblr_n26hrbBkjS1swf46do1_1280 Bumdog takes a wizz on the street.

Source: mcgnarcal.tumblr

You can see more of Cooper’s imaginative work at his Instagram account @hombre_mcsteez. Check them out so you won’t miss a post!