A sidesplitting video of a woman having an intense with fight an energetic mouse on a deep cemented hole in the ground has gone viral online.

  • Woman bravely fights a rat in this hilariously intense epic battle
  • Energetic rodent fights back refusing to back down on human opponent.
  • The lady tried to escape but her rat nemesis wont allow her.

Rats brings disease and that’s a fact, though many are afraid of it, this woman bravely face this one rat in one fierce battle.

As if you’re watching an MMA fight in cage where the woman trying to beat the mouse with her broomstick.

Surprisingly, the rodent seems to be unfazed by the threat and the overly energetic mouse even made a move against his attacker.

And at one point, the woman tried to escape the cage with the help of a man but mouse jumped on her and pulled the guy down the deep cemented hole.

The man was able to get out of the hole as the fight resume.

Watch the video

Sadly, the video never revealed the end of the “fight of the year” but still the clip gained more than 4 million views and a lot of smelly gas. LOL!

H/T: Facebook, Via: trendyfeed