When it comes to pranks, I still prefer those simple ones that don’t hurt other people. Honestly, pranks don’t have to be cruel, all it needs is to be hilarious. Take this shampooing people prank by HoomanTV as an example.

In this old-school prank, Mr. Hooman Nouri went to a public beach around Orange County, California and sneaked behind sexy girls as they took a quick shower to wash off the sand & salt water.

It should have been a regular shower time for these hotties…

shower 5

Until this madman sneaks behind and continuously pours shampoo on their head.

shower 2

The unsuspecting girls tried to rinse their hair over and over, without even realizing the prank.

shower 9

And they hilariously went crazy trying to wash the shampoo off!

shower 6

Watch the hilarious prank below:

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