Cars and children are terrifying combination for any parent. That’s why one dad from Texas, taught his little daughter Elizabeth how to escape if she got trapped in a car trunk and shares it online for everyone to see.

The 1.43 minute clip, demonstrates how Elizabeth gets out of the locked car trunk.trapped in car trunk 1
Incredibly, she effortlessly sets herself free.trapped in car trunk 2
Heres how to escape a locked car trunk.



According to Elizabeth’s dad, “Children should be taught not to play in or around cars (even parked ones) but sometimes it happens. We were all children once and you know how they think. Looking for a great place to hide during hide and seek. A new place to hang out and create a club. Vehicles are just one of the many places children explore and one small act should not cost a child their life. Knowledge is power.

‘If your vehicle was built before 2002, chances are there is no easy way to escape from inside the trunk. But in this economy, we want to make our cars last. So here are some safety tips:

  • Teach kids that cars are not toys and don’t let them play in or around them.
  • Keep your car locked, even when it’s parked at home in your garage or driveway.
  • Some cars have a switch in the trunk that allows you to turn off the remote function, so your trunk will only open with a key, which is much harder for small children to maneuver,
  • Some people get an extra keyless remote and keep it in their trunk.

‘Leaving children in the passenger compartment of the car is another tragic occurrence every summer. Here’s prevention advice offered by Safe Kids:

  • If you see an unattended child in a car, dial 911 immediately.
  • Never leave a baby unattended in a vehicle, even with the window slightly open.
  • Place something that you will need at your next stop – for example, a purse, lunch, gym bag or briefcase – on the floor of the backseat where the child is sitting. This simple act could prevent you from accidentally forgetting your child if he or she is sleeping.
  • Be especially careful if you change your routine for dropping off babies at child care. Have a plan that if your child is late for child care, you will be called within a few minutes.
  • Watch children closely around vehicles, particularly when loading and unloading. Check to ensure all children leave the vehicle when you reach your destination. Do not overlook sleeping babies.”

Teaching them how to escape a locked trunk is a great knowledge in case of emergency, but it is very important to stay calm and don’t panic during this time.

Source: Elizabeth Swims