Expensive dental procedure prevents many people from achieving perfect white teeth. But who would’ve thought that having an elusive perfect white teeth is just simple as ABC? All you need are few simple materials found in your home.

Here’s everything you need: baking soda, water and tin foil.
baking soda
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First, cut the tin foil into two small pieces, enough to fit your teeth
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Then, mix some baking soda and water and evenly spread the paste-like mixture into the foil.
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Finally, attach the tin foil with baking soda side to your teeth and keep it for an hour.
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Baking soda has whitening properties, which is proven in many different things. However the effectiveness of this teeth whitener lies on the tin foil as it helps the mixture stays in place. Attaching the tin foil with baking soda mixture into your teeth is quite tricky and uncomfortable. You can also try other alternative for the tin foil.

Repeat the procedure twice a week…

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And be amazed with the result, a perfectly white teeth!
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You can also try this tips to whiten your teeth naturally:


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