A Malaysian wife was left devastated after finding out that her husband is with his mistress in Thailand where he’s supposedly working.

Amanda Chong Kah Mun was baffled when her husband who is outstationed in Phuket doesn’t reply online. WhatsApp and WeChat are the only way she can communicate with her husband Feng Long that time.

Suspicious and worried, Amanda began asking her husband’s friends one by one to ask whether they know what’s going on with him.

Soon, she found out a picture of a braless lady with her husband posted on social media.

The suspicion goes stronger after realizing that the photo is exactly similar to the one that her husband posted. She even got blocked by her own husband on all social media accounts. But why?

Apparently, Feng Long went to Phuket Thailand with his side chick!

Amanda confronted her husband in the airport as he returned from Phuket with his mistress. She even shows him all the evidence but he simply denies all of them.

Amanda’s elder brother who went to confront Feng Long with her at the airport cannot tolerate her husband’s attitude anymore and furiously pushed him. Because of this, Amanda left the airport with a broken heart before the situation gets uncontrollable.

Cheating no matter what your reasons are is absolutely wrong.