• Boy got teased by an ice cream vendor.
  • The seller uses a stick to move the ice cream around the little boy as he tried to grab the cone.
  • The young lad didn’t give up but instead he was enjoying the tricks played at him.

A video of a boy buying ice cream while the seller teased him using a stick with the sweet treat has brought laughter to the young tot and the people around.

The ice cream seller decided to play a trick on his young buyer by moving the ice cream with a stick around him.
When the boy grabbed the ice-cream cone and was about to eat, when he realizes that there’s no ice cream on it.

As the vendor teased the boy, the young lad excitedly chased the stick while jumping and laughing.

He tried to grab the cone but failed again and again but the boy’s enthusiasm left the seller and other people to burst into laugh.

And eventually, he finally succeeded in grabbing the ice cream and his adorable reaction left everyone smiling ending up with a high five with the vendor.
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Via: Feedy TV