Probably all of us have an ideal dream house, a unique design just for our beloved home. Some of us would want a pool inside, or a slide in a stair, or even a oceanarium-like room. We can dream whatever we want, it’s beyond our wide imagination and clever ideas that will help us build those fantasies. Here are 30 awesome ingenious home improvements and ideas that might give you some inspiration in building your future homes.

#1. A bathroom floor above an abyss

A bathroom floor above an abyss

#2. A hammock for a bed

A hammock for a bed

#3. A ping pong table door

A ping pong table door

#4. Awesome Ping pong table door!

a pinpong table door 2

#5. A Pirate Ship Room

A pirate ship bedroom 2

A pirate ship bedroom

#6. Aquarium Headboard

aquarium headboard

#7. Awesome Table Firepit

awesome fire place

#8. Chandelier That Turn Any Room into a Mysterious Forest

awesome lamp

#9. Beach-Themed Backyard Fire Fit

backyard fire pit

#10. Infinity Pools at The Balcony!

Balcony pools

#11. Desk Sandbox Right at Your Work Place

desk sandbox

#12. Indoor Vertical Herb Garden

indoor herb garden

#13. Amazing Indoor Ice Cave

indoor ice cave

#14. Indoor Kiddie Slide For The Playful

indoor kiddie slide

#15. Indoor-Outdoor Pool

indoor outdoor pool

#16. Indoor Tree House For Kiddos

indoor tree house

#17. Backyard Mobile Office

mobile office

#18. Hybrid Dining Pool Table

POOL table

#19. Safe Outdoor Catwalk

safe outdoor catwalk

#20. See-Through Bath Tub

see-through bath tub

#21. Cool Skate-park Room

skatepark room 2

A must have room for all skaters!

skatepark room

#22. Stained Glass Door Made of Pantone Swatches

stained glass door

#23. Staircase Book Shelves

staircase book shelve

#24. Spiral Staircase Slide

staircase slide

#25. Space-saving Under-stairs Storage

storage staircase

#26. Swing Table Set

swing set table

#27. Wade in Pool

wade in pool

#28. Spiral Wine Storage Under The Floor

wine cellar 2

Cool and Brilliant Design!

wine cellar 1

#29. Fire Pit and Coffee Table Combination

fire pit and coffee table combination

#30. Backyard Movie Theater

outdoor movie theather

Via boredpanda