What would you do if you see a cocoon made of gold  and pearls? Sounds crazy right? No insect will make something precious like that. But you’ll be shocked when you see this GOLDEN carapace made by a bug. Yes a bug! Before that let us first introduce you to our jewelry maker – the caddisflies.

Are you familiar with caddisflies? Caddisflies are small moth-like insects and closely related to butterflies. Likewise, caddisflies create cocoons while in their larvae stage in order to survive into adulthood. They typically use whatever is lying around them in the water to build their shelter with, using their saliva as the glue.

When artist Hubert Duprat discovered that they build these cases out of whatever materials are at hand — including sticks and rocks — he had a strange idea.

This is what a normal caddisfly cocoons look like …


Duprat wondered what the results would be if the caddisflies were given pearls and gold flakes to build with …

caddisfly 4

The result is this stunning collaboration of biology and artwork.

caddisfly 6


The larvae use their saliva to stick the gold, pearl and other gems just like what they do with common items.

caddisfly 3

They live inside these shell-like cases for several weeks before leaving them behind as adults.

caddisfly 12

And what they left were something luxurious.

caddisfly 9

Part-science, part-art!

caddisfly 7

Duprat views his work as collaboration with the insects.

caddisfly 10

Watch Dupral discussing his marvelous jewelers:


via: io9 | This is Colossal

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