A mother’s love is a beautiful thing and its power is unimaginable, unexplainable, and works in mystical ways. Mostly we’ve seen maternal love in humans, but animals are no exception.

Jean-Francious Largot, a photographer, captures a heartwarming scene of a mother’s unconditional love, when a lion cub falls on the side of a cliff and was trapped.

Trapped on the side of the cliff, the cub cries for help.

As the cub was on the verge of danger, the pride comes to the rescue but the mother did the unthinkable.


 Putting her own life at risk, she went down and grabs the cub before it’s too late.

lion save cub 1

Gladly both of them safely made it. That’s what you called a mother’s love.


Photos: Jean-Francious Largot via Daily Mail

This amazing moment only shows that every mother will do anything for their child even if it means sacrificing their own lives. If this article touches your heart, please do share it.