The internet may have brought you in the best places in the world, but amazingly, mother nature still has more to offer. In fact there’s one national park in China that would not only captivate your eyes but will steal your heart as well.

The Jiuzhai Valley National Park resides deep in the Sichuan region which is home to some of the most remarkable wonders.

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Believe it or not, this place is for real!

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They mostly encourage visiting this place during spring to see its real beauty.

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But winter isn’t bad, either.

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Still, the place is stunning as it is.

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Juizhai Park is famous for its colorful lakes…

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And striking, multilevel waterfalls.

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This beautiful sight is called Arrow Bamboo Lake Waterfall.

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Here’s a close up…

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Even the most subtle streams are stunning.

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This is the Nuorilang Falls.

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This massive beauty has a height of 65 feet and with over 1,000 feet wide, the widest highland waterfall in China.

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But one of the main attractions of the park is the Five Flower Lake.

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Also known as the “Lake of Five Colors” this mystical lake does not freeze in winter.

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Its multicolored water is home to countless ancient tree trunks.

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Adding to the beauties of the park is a crescent-shaped body of water high up in the mountains called Long Lake.

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Long Lake is nearly 10,000 feet above sea level and the deepest lake in the Jiuzhai Valley National Park.

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Ice and snow melt contributes to the lakes beauty. However it also creates rapids like this one.

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With its natural beauty, the Jiuzhai Valley National Park is a hot spot for tourists and locals.

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I just hope I can visit this park someday. Truly, the is really full of surprises.