We’ve seen a lot of child abuse recently like the naked child put on leash and treated like a pet dog by his own mother just for fun and it made the world furious! Yet there are some instances that things we see are not what is seems to be.

We misinterpret these mainly because we care, but most of the time we react irrationally and made a regrettable mistake. And this video of a child being dragged across a shopping center’s floor will definitely divide people’s opinion.

Alfie is wearing jeans, back pack and a hooded top when he went shopping with adults, probably his parents. But he seems fed up with all the shopping stuff and just thought of laying down…

It appears like he’s not getting up anymore, so the parents uses the child’s backpack reins to pull him around.

alfie dragged 1

Surprisingly, the toddler just tightly hangs on to his beloved toy giraffe while he was being dragged face-down across the floor of the store. And he doesn’t seem to care about it, he just lay face flat and relaxed as his parents begin to laugh.

Unharmed, the young blond lad raises his head and instantly joins in with his parents giggles.

alfie dragged 2

Watch the video:


H/T: ViralHog via Mirror

Based on the description on YouTube saying, “Apparently Alfie does this often. Once he is done shopping, he is DONE! What a cutie! it looks like the kid is really enjoying it and had a crazy way of saying, “I’m done shopping, carry me or let’s go home or else.”

No one has commented on the video yet as of the writing, but it will certainly split people’s insight regarding this.


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Do you think the parents did the right thing since the kid is enjoying it or it is just another parenting fail? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.