Having a child with deformities is truly heartbreaking for any parents. Their survival in the world solely depends on the love and acceptance of other people, especially their parents.

What would you do if your offspring is born with a deformity, particularly without a nose? Here are three heartwarming stories of kids born without noses that will surely inspire everyone…

Congenital Arhinia is a rare condition wherein a child is born without a nose and parts of the olfactory ‘the sense of smell’ system. This condition is extremely rare, that it only has a chance of happening to one in 197 million people, with less than 50 cases recorded worldwide.


1. Timothy Eli Thompson’s Story

Parents Brandi McGlathery and Troy Thompson were expecting a perfectly healthy baby but were shocked as their son Timothy Eli Thompson was prematurely born without nasal passages or sinus cavities known as complete congenital arhinia. He was born last March 4, 2015, in Alabama.


Despite his appearance, her mother called him a “perfect miracle baby.”


Eli had to undergo tracheotomy at a tender age of five days for him to be able to breathe normally. He has been treated at the USA Children’s and Women’s Hospital in Mobile for three weeks, including an eye exam and cranial scan and the results are normal.

2724043B00000578-0-image-a-75_1427736393549The good results mean Eli can have a nose built for him. However, doctors are still unsure if the artificial nose will be functional.

eliMcGlathery wrote on her Facebook page, ‘Who knew someone so tiny could change so many people’s lives in such a short time? Our perfect miracle baby.” She said, “My biggest fear for Eli is that the world won’t see him as the beautiful, brave little boy that I see him as.”

thompson family

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Visit their Facebook page.


2. Tessa Evans’ Story

Tessa Evans was born on February 14, 2013, in County Derry, Ireland.  Her condition was detected during the 20-week scan which showed an abnormally flat facial profile. Parents Grainne, mother, a full-time carer from Maghera and Nathan, father, a nightclub manager, were told to brace themselves because they’re going to make a tough decision.


But the follow up 3D scan and tests revealed Tessa was perfectly healthy and everything was normal.

tessaWhen Tessa was born, Mrs. Evans knew something was wrong as soon as she saw her baby’s face. “I was in shock and I just froze. The midwife cut the cord before I could even say anything and whisked her away from me.” the mother said.

article-2691312-1FA1308100000578-142_634x412She recalls it as an extremely traumatic birth and said “Doctors were able to stabilize her so she could breathe on her own and eventually I was allowed to hold her for a few seconds,’ she also added, “I kissed her forehead and told her I loved her before they took her away.”

article-2691312-1FA133E100000578-274_306x423According to Mrs. Evans, she was searching about the condition of her daughter when she stumbled on an online journal stating that babies born like Tessa had poor mental and physical development. She claims it implied that parents should be given the option to terminate their pregnancy.


But Tessa proved them wrong, even though she was also born with other problems related to her condition, including a tiny hole in her heart and problems with her sight. Her left had a cataract and it removes through surgery when she was just 11 weeks old. Sadly because of the complication, she’s now completely blind in that eye.

Tessa grows like a typical toddler, runs around, plays outside, climbs furniture, and love to dance. She took treatment at Great Ormond Street Hospital for her nose-shaped mound which will be placed where her nose should be. Her nose will be replaced with a bigger one every couple of year as she grows.

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Tessa’s parents have set up a fund to help ease the financial strain that caring for Tessa’s complex medical needs brings. For more details visit HERE.

3. Cassidy Hooper’s Story

Cassidy Hooper was born without a nose and without eyes. Since 2007, when she was 11, Cassidy has gone through a series of skin graft and facial reconstruction surgeries at Levine Children’s Hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina.

But the hardest part for Cassidy has been overcoming the social difficulties. She was a victim of bullying by other children when she was attending Governor Morehead School, a specialist school for the blind since her fifth grade. Surprisingly, this inspirational girl is packed with a strong determination and nothing has ever stood in the way of Cassidy’s optimism and ambition.

article-2288817-18770742000005DC-887_634x388When she was born, doctors were baffled, her condition is typically a candidate for abortion. Despite the deformities, she had no other medical problems. “Her heart and brain are normal,” according to her mother Susan Hooper, a kindergarten teacher.

cassidyYet this courageous girl kept her positive spirit through the six-year-process surgery. She told ABC, “Things always may be hard…but here’s what I think: I don’t need easy, I just need possible.”


Her final surgery went on last April 2013. “I’ll have a real nose like everyone else’s,” the brave girl said.


Soon, replacement of Cassidy’s nose was completed, but she also needs a new pair of prosthetic eyes which cost $10,000 per pair. Since then Cassidy has been an inspiration to many. You can check her site Cassidyhooper.org.


These kids might be born with physical deformities, but how they faced the world is truly an inspiration. Let’s us not forget “it’s not the outer look that counts but what’s inside.”

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