A 12-year-old boy went missing in Oduduwa Area of Ondo state, Nigeria, for three days only to be found trapped in a tiny gap between a house and a wall.

Aduragbemi Saka had run away from his grandmother and visited a cafe alone. He then started playing in 12-inches wide gap between the breeze block wall and a student house and got stuck inside.

Stuck, he spent three days crying to himself but passersby ignores this cries.

Eventually, neighbors heard a strange voice. It was the boy singing and they were shocked to discover him inside the tiny gap.

Police smashed through the wall and pulled him out alive, covered in dust.

Resident Felicia Olaniyi said the boy’s grandmother had been looking after him at the time.

She said: ”I asked my neighbors if they were aware of the strange voice inside the wall and they were also confused about what was going on there.

”So we got a ladder to trace where the voice was coming from and found the young boy where he was stuck. A policeman had to break the wall to rescue him.”

Another neighbor Charity Adebayo said: ”We heard a voice speaking that ‘I am Judas Iscariot. The following day we asked for a ladder and found him. We discovered the poor boy.”

The young boy has since been reunited with his grandmother.