Wooden sculptures have been a long tradition in China. For centuries, Chinese are transforming raw woods into works of inspiring art, but none as impressive as the sheer creation of Zheng Chunhui – a talented artist that made the longest and the most impressive wood carving in the world.

For four years, Zheng Chunhui has been meticulously carving a detailed replica of the famous traditional Chinese painting ”Along the River during the Qingming Festival” made from a single tree trunk.

Zheng_Chunhui_Carving (1)

His artwork features buildings, boats, bridges and 550 individually carved people who are shown herding animals, carrying cargo shopping in markets and going about their daily business in a snapshot of ancient Chinese life.

Zheng_Chunhui_Carving (4)

The piece measures 12.286 meters long, is 3.075 meters tall at its highest point and is also 2.401 meters wide.

Zheng_Chunhui_Carving (2)

Making it the longest wood carving in the world, taking up the Guinness Book with the new world record.

Zheng_Chunhui_Carving (6)

Imagine how much patience Zheng Chunhui has put into, just to finish his carvings with such intricate details.

Zheng_Chunhui_Carving (3)

This attention grabbing wooden sculpture is truly a “masterpiece” one word that will summarize Zheng’s work.

Zheng_Chunhui_Carving (5)

Though the breathtaking beauty of his work can’t simply be expressed in words, you must see for yourself.

Zheng_Chunhui_Carving (7)
I really admire those people with such patience and love for his work. Clearly, Zheng Chunhui has made a one of a kind artwork out of wood that nobody would ever forget.

Via: iloboyou